The perfect moment…

The more I think about it the more it seems that the supposed £2 billion deficit is just a cover; the perfect cover to dismantle the final salary pension scheme. I’m sure that at a time when other parts of the public sector are about to have their pensions butchered the BBC is desperate to avoid being seen as an outlier. At the same time, the long term strategy – certainly outside of news – seems to be to have no permanent staff at all. In the meantime we have a split workforce on 3 different types of contract (staff, fixed term and freelance), with different types of pension provision. Pat Younge seems almost embarrassed by the idea that some have “better” pensions than others (ignoring the promise that was made when we signed up for the final salary scheme – and indeed the contributions we’ve made to the scheme over the years.) The senior management solution is to do away with the expensive “anomaly” – the final salary pension. But it is only an anomaly if you accept the language that is being used to justify the decision. There’s no reason why the BBC’s final salary scheme couldn’t be made affordable, albeit with some modifications. There has to be a will to do so, and I don’t think that will exists. We have to force it into existence.


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