Mark Thompson’s pension forum

Lucky me: I’ve managed to get an invite to the pension forum on Monday. I’ve got a long list of questions I want to ask, but I’m also aware that loads of people who can’t go will also have questions. So if anyone wants to drop me a line, either directly or by posting comments here, then I’d be really keen to try and reflect those thoughts in any question or comment I get the chance to make.


2 Responses to “Mark Thompson’s pension forum”

  1. Chris Says:

    Hi Jonathan

    Press reports this weekend seem to suggest that management plans to soften their line in some respects to head off strikes but, of course, time will tell. In the meantime, I have a simple factual question: why is it that it takes over a year to produce an official scheme valuation? There may be a good reason for this (can’t think of one!). But 78% of the holdings are in equities and bonds whose value should be calculable at close of business each trading day. Property and ‘alternatives’ may be more difficult to value but why does it take so long?


    • renouj21 Says:

      Yup, looks like we’re in line for some sort of announcement from Mark at the forum. Will be interesting to see how far he goes.

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