First reaction

So the big offer is a new career average scheme that seems to be worse than the existing career average scheme. (Worse because we pay in more, and once we’re taking our pension it’s only allowed to rise by a maximum of 2.5%) .

It’s cute though. It means that all the questions will now be about the alternatives the BBC is offering, rather than about why the BBC is unwilling to stick to the pensions promise that is enshrined in the pension scheme rules. The fundamental questions remain:

– why are we being forced into a decision about the best way to reduce the pension scheme deficit long before the size of the deficit is known, and long before there is any legal need to do so?

– why will the BBC not consider any alternative ways of funding the deficit, such as diverting the profits from Worldwide into the pension scheme?

Mark’s new offer is confirmation that the BBC’s real agenda is not to find a way to fund the deficit, it is to destroy the final salary pension scheme in order to dramatically reduce the amount the BBC spends on pensions in the future.


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