CAB 2011: A chink of light…

There was one very interesting question last night about the new CAB 2011 proposal (the 3rd option) that Mark Thompson has outlined. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it is very likely that this will be run as an additional part of the existing pension scheme. To do this requires a rule change (or changes). And that involves the trustees. So the question was, could the trustees not make their approval of the rule change conditional upon the BBC revisiting its proposals to destroy the final salary scheme? The point was made in response that Mark could withdraw the proposal (or presumably opt to set up an entirely new pension scheme to enact it, but this would be a huge effort for a £12 million expenditure). But it would be a hugely damaging blow for Mark to have to say that he couldn’t get the trustees approval for CAB 2011, so he was going to snatch it away. I don’t think he’d dare, so he’d have to negotiate.

It’s worth putting pressure on the trustees to exert maximum leverage through the opportunity offered by CAB 2011. This is their chance to redeem themselves and show that they understand the justifiable anger that members feel about the way the BBC has behaved.


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