Me, the next few days

Just a note to say I’m away now for a few days, but I’ll be back early next week to pick up the story

Whilst I’m at it, a huge thank you to everyone for taking the time to read the blog, the number of hits has shot into the hundreds over the last couple of weeks. And especially thanks to everyone who has contacted me to express kind thoughts about the blog. See you in a few days.


2 Responses to “Me, the next few days”

  1. James Birtwistle Says:

    Hi Jonathan,
    I’m a Senior Studio Manager in Radio 3 (age 56 and long term active member of pension fund/union member) and wanted first to say what a fine piece of work your blog is.
    Second, I had an idea which I’ve mentioned to Joti Brar and David Gallagher…this is what I emailed them…

    “Is there any value in organising a vote of no confidence in Mark Thompson and Zarin Patel and getting thousands of staff to sign it??

    Obviously it would have no standing in law but the press would love it and it would make our point very strongly – and it could even include non-union members of staff.

    Something along the lines of:

    In view of Mark Thompson and Zarin Patel’s underhand and totally immoral attempts to dismantle the BBC’s pension scheme we, the undersigned, have no confidence in them and their abilities to manage any of the BBC’s affairs and call for their immediate resignation.

    What do you think?

    It’s not a sackable offence to organise or sign a vote of no confidence petition is it?

    And we would surely get thousands and thousands of signatures, union and non union…”

    What do you think Jonathan? Perhaps we could do it via a gmail account that staff could send their signatures to electronically??

    Do let me know.


    James 07711910989

    • renouj21 Says:

      Hi there James,
      It’s an interesting idea, but I am cautious. We are fighting Mark Thompson over pensions and at the moment we have a lot of support for that; I believe that there is disquiet at very senior levels of the organisation with the strategy Thompson is pursuing. I may be naive, but I’d like to preserve that sympathy, and if anything exploit it. Expressing “no confidence” in the DG doesn’t just say we disagree with his stance on pensions, it says we have no confidence in his leadership full stop. I don’t go that far, not yet at least. And I think we risk dividing the broad front that currently opposes the pension proposals into two groups: a hardcore of implacable oppositionists, and those who just want to overturn the pension proposals.
      However, there may be other ways that we can express our opposition to the DG’s pension proposals. A letter to Broadcast signed by a cross section of employees might keep the pressure on, especially with regard to the questions that Thompson consistently refuses to answer. Thoughts?

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