The pressure rises

Another email today from Lucy Adams and Zarin Patel, basically just reiterating the existing offer, and the threat to remove the offer if union members are impertinent enough to vote to reject it. This is typical posturing before a vote, designed to increase pressure for a “yes” vote. Basic common sense says that if there is strike action the BBC will eventually negotiate, and the resulting deal will reflect who has come out of the strikes the strongest. (Incidentally, just to be clear, the BBC threat is not to entirely withdraw CAB2011, but to withdraw the more recent enhancements.)

There is no doubt the choice is now stark. To defeat the BBC’s pension proposals will require a determined campaign of industrial action. Success is possible because there is a clear goal (withdrawal of the existing proposals), there are reasonable alternatives that the BBC could afford, and because the small cabal of BBC leaders who are pushing the assault on our pensions could quickly come under enormous pressure, not least from within the senior management team.


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