Ballot result

BECTU have voted to accept the BBC’s offer, the NUJ have said no.

Lucy Adams’ email to staff shows that the BBC’s strategy is to ignore the NUJ vote, and simply impose the pensions proposal. With breathtaking arrogance she dismisses the NUJ as “only 17%” of the BBC’s workforce. She says that “some” members of the NUJ rejected the offer: actually it was 70% to 30%, what’s known in the trade as “a majority”.

The threat to withdraw the improved CAB2011 offer turned out to be an empty one, just the usual posturing ahead of a ballot. The BBC knows that to withdraw it now would just drive BECTU back into the NUJ’s arms.

All eyes on the NUJ now: will they use the mandate and call strikes? It’s an uphill battle, but not an impossible one.


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