BECTU’s position

Gerry Morrissey is going around saying that if the deficit comes in at less than £1.5 billion then BECTU will reopen its pensions dispute with the BBC. It isn’t going to happen. The BBC’s offer only committed the BBC to reopen negotiations if the deficit is below £1 billion. BECTU have voted to accept that offer. The latest word is that as per my earlier post the deficit is likely to be £1.2 or £1.3 billion – far below Mark Thompson’s scaremongering “£2 billion or maybe higher” – but not low enough to trigger renewed negotiations.

Meanwhile the official BECTU advice to its members comes as close as they legally can to supporting NUJ picket lines:

“BECTU members have voted to accept the BBC proposals for now, and this means that we cannot ask you to take industrial action and you should work normally on these (NUJ strike) dates, but you should not do any work that would normally be undertaken by NUJ members who are on strike. If however as a matter of conscience you decide not to cross a picket line and the BBC attempts to discipline you then you will have the full support of BECTU.”

Saying “we cannot ask you to take industrial action” is to explicitly protect the union against legislation banning secondary action.


2 Responses to “BECTU’s position”

  1. Roy Gladden Says:

    Perhaps those BETCU member might consider joining the NUJ?

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