BECTU members jumping ship

There’s been anecdotal talk for a few days that in the wake of the ballot results, people were resigning from BECTU and joining the NUJ. Now there’s hard evidence.

Most of the BECTU branch committee in A&M (radio) have resigned from BECTU and joined the NUJ. In their last letter to their members as BECTU officials they express their profound disappointment that their own union leadership failed to challenge the BBC’s proposals, and failed to argue against CAB2011.  They want to carry on fighting for the pensions of everyone at the BBC, and the only way to do that now is through the NUJ. They report that they have had many enquries from their members along similar lines.

The contrast between the NUJ (where the leadership were forthright in pointing out how bad the BBC’s proposals are) and BECTU (where Gerry Morrissey ended up effectively making the BBC’s case for them) is quite striking. I share the frustration of those BECTU activists who could see that there was a powerful case to make against the BBC, but whose leadership had thrown in the towel.  The example of the NUJ proves that it was possible to win the argument with union members. In BECTU the leadership never made that argument. In those circumstances, jumping ship is a logical (if personally painful) decision to make.

It will be very interesting to see if BECTU faces more defections.


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