Helen Boaden breaks ranks…

Take a look at this piece in the Telegraph. How interesting to see a figure as senior as Helen Boaden break ranks and condemn the BBC’s strategy! And on the eve of the strikes. She says “I think it would have been much, much better if the BBC had waited for the deficit to be properly assessed and then worked with the Trustees to come up with a viable, long term plan for addressing it and the ongoing demographic challenges”. In other words, pretty well exactly what those of us who oppose the BBC’s strategy have been saying all along!

The article speculates that perhaps she had permission from Mark Thompson, but personally I doubt it. Having seen her body language at the Trustees meeting I think she was just saying what she’s felt all along. Her position backs up what I’ve been saying for weeks: there has been conspicuously little support for Mark Thompson’s attack on our pensions from senior management at the BBC.

Helen has handed Jeremy Dear (NUJ President) a fantastic weapon – he can start every interview about the strike by saying that he’s got the support of a member of the BBC’s Executive Board.

I bet Mark Thompson is furious.


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