The eve of the strike

Mark Thompson says in his email he “cannot see what earthly good” a strike will achieve.

The good it aims to achieve is a commitment (as suggested by the NUJ and now also by Helen Boaden) to withdraw the proposals until we know the real size of the deficit. We may not win – that is always a risk with industrial action. But for me the test is this: I’d like to be able to look back and say I did everything I possibly could to defend the BBC’s pension scheme. The cost of strike action is a few days pay. The cost of the BBC pension proposals is thouands and thousands of pounds for every year of my retirement. Put that way the loss of salary over the next few days is a small gamble with a potentially huge payoff. And the gambling odds aren’t that bad either. There’s clearly opposition to Mark Thompson’s strategy at the very highest level of the BBC. Now is the time to fight back and see whether we can make the whole pack of cards come tumbling down.

I’d put Mark Thompson’s words a slightly different way. Why on earth wouldn’t you go on strike when the cost/reward calculus is so potentially beneficial?


One Response to “The eve of the strike”

  1. Campbell Lawley Says:

    As a BECTU member I am disappointed on the ballot outcome to say the least. I voted to strike and I am disappointed that the majority of my fellow members have backed down. Nevertheless I respect their choice, as I would expect them to respect mine if the outcome had been different, and go out on strike along with me.
    We boast about the democracy we live in, four out of the five unions involved in this disputed have voted to except the latest offer. This and this only, is the reason I shall be crossing any picket line that will be in front of me tomorrow.

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