Mark Thompson gets his revenge…

…on Helen Boaden. She’s been forced to go and report the news herself.

Thompson himself seems to be keeping a low profile.

Meanwhile the Telegraph’s report gets in a couple of snide digs. You have the feeling with the Telegraph (and the Mail) that they believe workers in the public sector should really not be paid at all. The Telegraph comments that the BBC offer would still leave us with pensions that are better than many in the private sector. They don’t mention that our salaries include a significant discount to the private sector – a discount that we eventually get back (or at least partly get back) on retirement. (Anyone who doesn’t believe in this discount simply has to compare freelance rates with in house salaries – something my job involves all the time. The gap is usually around 20%.) It’s also important to stand up against those who continually argue for a leveling down in benefits: just because others have been forced to accept dramatic cuts to their pensions, that doesn’t mean we have to as well.


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