Strikes suspended

This afternoon the NUJ reps voted to suspend Monday and Tuesday’s strike action (subject to the BBC cancelling disciplinary action against 3 overseas union members who supported last week’s strikes). On Monday Mark Thompson said there would be no negotiations, now he is prepared to meet the NUJ – it feels like a concession of sorts.

The BBC has yet to respond. But earlier in the day Lucy Adams said that any discussions would only cover how to implement the deal, not renegotiating the terms of the deal. If that’s the case then all Mark T has agreed to is a chat, not negotiations. We’ll find out early next week: the first meeting is scheduled within a week.

Update: Mark’s email this pm makes it clear that there is no offer of negotiation on the table. I think we’re very quickly going to be back where we were – either the NUJ calls more strikes or the BBC wins hands down.


2 Responses to “Strikes suspended”

  1. Fiona Blair Says:

    I suppose BBC management could hardly say ‘In the face of the strike, with more action planned, we’re back at the table.’ Hopefully management communications are face saving and they will be more conciliatory in talks. There should be no move to implement a pension scheme change which NUJ members have vote 70-30 against. Fiona

  2. renouj21 Says:

    Fiona, Thanks for your comment – I hope your optimism is justified. The key is whether or not implementation gets ratified be ExCo on Dec 6th. Once CAB2011 is up and running I think the game is up.

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