Almost all over…

As this report and Lucy Adams’ email yesterday make clear, the pensions dispute is coming to a close. It looks like the NUJ has won a minor concession on the uprating of pension benefits within CAB2011, we’ll have to wait and see how the union reps and members react.


One Response to “Almost all over…”

  1. Joti Brar Says:

    How very disappointing that all the NUJ’s sound and fury should have petered out so fast and with so little tangible reason.

    The next lot of strikes were clearly going to be bigger than the first, which had already put the wind up management. We had the basis for a long-running fight that could have brought many more people into the struggle, gained us lots more members and won far more meaningful changes than the vague promises the leadership now seem to be settling for. Hell, we might even have actually won.

    What on earth was the point in promising to ‘go it alone’ if the real position was ‘we’re a bit too scared to really do this without Bectu?’ Not only did we have an important pensions fight to win, but this was our chance to become the biggest union at the Beeb and finally stop playing second fiddle to the even bigger sell-outs of the Bectu leadership.


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