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May 2, 2011

Well, it’s been a very long time since I updated this blog, but suddenly there is loads to write about.

First things first: the BBC is trying to dragoon everyone into making a quick decision about your pension options (stay in the current scheme, CAB 2011, or the new defined contribution scheme). However, there is no need to make any decision until the end of 2011. And by far the most sensible thing to do is sit and wait, for lots of reasons. First, the final details of CAB2011 have yet to be published. Second, it is by no means clear that the fight against the BBC’s proposals is over. The NUJ is getting an independent valuation of the deficit (which the BBC declared was £1.6 billion). As I predicted, this was just over the £1.5 billion figure that would have triggered a re-opening of negotiations between the unions and the BBC, but there are many questionable assumptions within the valuation that the union may well challenge. And according to Broadcast this week, there are also potential legal challenges to the BBC’s strategy in the offing.

In the circumstances, waiting until the end of the year is the only sensible course of action.